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Hi, I'm Amie

I'm 21. I'm British. I like tv, films and smiling. Smiling's my favourite.


Best sandwich / Recipe

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Degu (by MikelDorner)

even though I reeeeally want a puppy at some point I’ve kind of come to terms with the fact that it’s just not feasible. I want to move out of my parents house soon and I’m going to have all sorts of financial pressures and a dog I probably won’t be able to afford.

althoooough I am thinking about getting two little degus. with my new employee discount I wouldn’t have to spend too much, their feed and housing would only cost a bit each month. also they’re just cute, intelligent animals and I think they could make great pets. I’ve heard they’re great from people who have them already 

weedwizardinbonertown said:eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy well done you are the new bunny lizard queen

:D:D:D Thank you for my new title. I’m honoured :P

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I got the job at Pets at Home!!

I’m so excited and terrified to start

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this should be an oil painting


this should be an oil painting

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